Mike is one of Astro’s first customers. He has been running his business on our platform for about six months, and we feel proud to call him a close friend.

He joined City Expeditor, one of NYC’s leading B2B couriers, about 10 years ago and is now its General Manager.

Mike, City Expeditor’s GM, is always on the go. Even bikes to work every day


Mike has partnered with Astro to expand the company’s B2C service. He knows that in order to win customers, he must give them an Uber-Like experience. Here’s how he is doing it:

Accept Online Bookings

Mike credits the growth of City Expeditor’s B2C service to the company’s new online booking capabilities. He acknowledges that the majority of his customers prefer to interact online, and Astro’s online booking engine makes it simple for them to do so via the company’s website, Yelp or Google.

Astro’s booking is integrated to City Expeditor’s Yelp Profile


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Booking details are clearly laid out on Astro’s App


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Implement Business Text Messaging

As soon as Mike receives a booking, he makes sure to confirm with his customers using Astro’s business text messaging platform. He understands that the courier business is about trust and dependability, so he makes a point to keep his customers updated along the way.

Astro allows Mike’s customers to communicate from the channel they use most frequently: Texting


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Keep your team organized

As soon as Mike Receives a booking, he is able to assign it via Astro to one of his 40 couriers. This way, he saves time in communicating details with his staff, while ensuring that no order details are lost.

Dispatching made simple with Astro


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Accept Online Payments

Mike’s customers are able to pay using PayPal, Apple Pay or Credit Card. Making the experience seamless and convenient.

Customers Receive a payment link via text and can easily checkout on their mobile


In a short period of time, we have witnessed a surge in City Expeditor’s B2C service. The business is growing by 40%, and has more than 40 couriers.

Mike’s customers are raving about how seamless their experience is.