Adonis is one Astro’s most successful customers. He has been in business for more than 15 years, has 142 5-star reviews, and his closing rate is by far the highest in NYC. Here’s the step by step guide on how he does it.

Adonis’ and his son Akeem in a move


1. I ask my customers to book online

The name of the game in the moving industry is speed. I know that the majority of my customers are shopping around, so I make a point to give them an accurate quote as fast as possible.

Instead of asking my customers to answer lenghty emails with details about their move, I send them my Astro’s booking link, which allows me to capture all the necessary details to provide an accurate quote.

Using Astro’s app, Adonis can easily share his booking link with a potential customer


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2. Close my leads via text

After sending a quote, the most important job of any mover is to close the lead. I have tried to follow up with customers via email, phone call and sometimes both. However, the follow-up method that has significantly increased my close rate is text.

The majority of my customers are busy, and don’t want to spend a lot of time on a call or answering emails. So with text confirmations, I am able to keep them engaged and win their business.

Adonis uses Astro’s business text messaging to keep his customers conversations in one place


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3. Embrace Online Payments… Venmo in particular

A few years ago, a repeat customer introduced me to Venmo, which is an app that lets you make payments to your friends.

The experience of sending money is so seamless, that now, the majority of my customers pay their deposits via Venmo.

Venmo makes it simple to send and receive deposits


4. ‘Actually’ care about my customers

Moving is a stressful experience, and a lot can go wrong.

Putting aside all the tactics mentioned above, the most important thing I do is to focus on one customer at the time.

My customers really appreciate my attention to detail, and they are not shy to share their experience on social media and Yelp.

Adonis’ reviews speak for themselves