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Olga and George, the husband and wife team of New York Nomads, started their moving company five years ago. They went into the moving business with one goal in mind: Become New York’s leading family owned and operated moving company.

George (right) is a foreman in all of New York Nomads moves


After a difficult start, and a few disappointing summers, New York Nomads is well under way to realize its goal.During then last high season, Olga and George won 60% of their leads, resulting in more than $200K in revenue - doubling their 2018 results, without investing in more Yelp Ads.

Here’s a view on their 2018 and 2019 performance


They credit the increase in leads and revenue to a few key actions centered around technology and customer service, which Olga believes all movers should implement.

1. Ensure your website is mobile responsive

Olga and George understand that 80% of web traffic comes from mobile devices - a number that has increased drastically over the past few years. As a result, right before the high season started, they decided to update their website into a mobile friendly version. Their new website is simple and easy to navigate.

Olga’s website is beautiful and simple


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2. Allow Customers to Request a Quote online

Olga knows that the majority of her customers are between 20 to 35 years old, and this generation prefers to interact digitally rather than speak over the phone. With our intuitive booking flow, Olga’s customers can quickly provide all the necessary information needed to get a quote.

Astro’s booking makes it simple for Olga’s customers to provide all the information they need.


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3. Respond to leads immediately

Olga is well aware that customers shop around for different quotes. She also knows that the faster she engages a customer that requested a quote the higher the chances to win the job over her competitor. With Astro’s business text messaging, Olga can immediately engage her prospects. After a booking is completed, her customers receive a personalized text message that makes it easy for Olga to engage in a conversation.

Astro’s automated text messaging, allows Olga to quickly engage customers in a conversation


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4. Don’t invest in more Yelp Ads, get smart about them

Olga understands that Yelp Ads can be a subject of much debate, but in NY Nomad's case they work. This past summer, Olga got started with Yelp’s enhanced profile, which costs $90 and allows her to enable a “Get Quote” button on their site. She credits this small change as one of the main drivers of customers to her booking site, which makes it simple for customers to Request a Quote.

New York Nomads enhanced Yelp profile displays a clear “Get Quote” Call to action.


In addition to the actions highlighted above, Olga makes sure to share her final secret: “If we weren’t devoted to great customer service, all of these efforts could be a waste of time. We went into this industry to make a difference, to make moving simple and fun for our customers, and we intend to keep it that way”