At Astro, we are proud to work with exceptional small and medium businesses that value their customers and want to move forward with technology.

This time, we want to share with you how Jay Sofer built one of NYC’s leading locksmith companies: Lokbusters, which has more than 400 reviews on Yelp.

Jay launched his business in 2008, here’s a picture of those those early days


Start with the basics: Be a good person

The locksmithing industry is not particularly known for its great reputation. In fact, over the years, the industry has been battled with its fair share of scandals, ranging from “click-and-bait” schemes to customer bullying.

Although most entrepreneurs would be discouraged from venturing into such a trade, this is exactly where Jay saw an opportunity. He knew that with his passion for customer service and with his work ethic, he would be able to stand out.

Jay's reviews speak for themselves


On-Point Communication

Jay is well aware that customers in need of a locksmith may not be in the best of moods - after all, no one enjoys being locked out.

However, he found a way to make his customers’ experience a bit more appealing: Clear, and continuous communication.

From bookings’ confirmation with clear pricing, to updates with Location and ETA, Jay has always made a point to keep his customers updated along the way - a practice that has earned him customer praise.

After booking online, Jay’s customers receive a personalized text message


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Stand for a cause

In our discussions, Jay highlighted the importance of giving back to the community:

“We’re committed to changing the locksmith game to be fair and helpful, and we’re also committed to giving back.”

Since its inception, Lockbusters has been donating $10 for every job to Sugar Mutts, a non-profit that specializes in foster-based rescue. This initiative that has been welcomed by Lockbusters’ customers, and Jay credits it as one of its key factors in his surge in reviews.

Jay’s communicates his commitment to Sugar Mutts every time he has a chance


Stay organized

In 2019, Jay decided that it was time to take his business to the next level. However, he knew that before expanding his operation he needed to get organized. For far too long, he had been feeling the growing pains of disorganization: bookings over the phone, customer details over SMS, work orders in paper, etc... Jay didn’t feel in control of his operation.

Now with Astro, Jay’s has all of his bookings, customer chats, and team schedule in one place.

All job details, inclusive of price and status are clearly displayed on Astro - making it simple for Jay to stay organized


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Jay leverages Astro’s business text messages to provide his customers with an uber-like experience


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“ Customer Chat is amazing! I save at least 10-hrs by cutting back and forth with my team”

Jay, owner of Lockbusters