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Mau S Paid $100 Residential 04:00 PM Completed Raymond J Paid $90 Estimate 03:30 PM Completed Leo L Paid $45.40 Commercial 10:00 PM On the way June Monday 29 Tuesday 30

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Sep 25, 2019 8 AM A B Drive Avenue 346 Floor 4 NY Sun Street 56 Floor 1 NY Locations Cris Smith 456 7246385 [email protected] Pickup and Delivery Instructions: Open the door with the code 25. Describe the item: Yellow box, 35 in x 78 in. New Customer


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Assign John Smith + Mani Farhang + Frank Romero + Order No. 36 Lockout Sep 30, 4:00 PM Frank Romero [email protected]

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Hey Leo! Here’s your link to pay, whenever you’re ready: Thanks! I will be waiting for you. Hey Leo! Thanks for choosing us. We've received your request and will get back to you shortly. Leo S Messages M M L


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Payment received Thanks for choosing us! Sep 25, 9:30 AM $45.40 Leo L paid Subotal Tax Tip Total $41.70 $1.70 $2.00 $45.40 Sumary


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